We work for a living countryside, a sustainable business and local networking.

Our parents moved from Stockholm to Borkhult in 1980, alongside with several young families. Together they had a dream of living in the countryside, closer to nature. It was animals, sloyd, dyeing, felting mixed with politics and midsummer celebrations.

After many years of studying and working abroad and in other cities, we have now returned home to the deep forests of Östergötland. In the fall of 2016, we finally had the opportunity to buy the house of our dreams, the one called Lapphem, and start to build on our idea of a cultural center in the countryside. A place for food, music, art and laughter. A place where all parts are equally important and where everyone should feel welcome. 


Borkhult has a rich history and there are remains and ruins here and there along Borkhult's river. At the end of the 19th century, there was a brick factory, a match factory for the manufacture of sulfur sticks, a saw, a mill, a nail mill and a paper mill. The pulp factory was in operation until 1904 when it was shut down after disagreements between the owners. Agriculture, which had an exceptionally good reputation and was one of the largest in the country, must also be counted among the significant activities of that time.

The old workers' housing from the mid-19th century on Bruksgatan remains and is inhabited.


Borkhult's nature and culture association is a non-profit association that will promote culture in and around the unique Lapphem building. The association wants to highlight local talents and also preserve and highlight art, music and food from Östergötland.


Lapphem Borkhult

597 96 Åtvidaberg

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Borkhult Lapphem Parking and you will be directed to our parking spot.



(0046) 070 150 95 43

The nearest station is Åtvidaberg, From Åtvidaberg to Borkhult, local transport can be ordered by calling 0771711020, at least two hours before the desired departure. It costs SEK 45 for adults and SEK 30 for youth and seniors. Read more about how local traffic works on Östgötatrafiken's website.

Östgötatrafikens hemsida.



This house from the end of the 19th century is unfortunately not so accessible. It is not possible to get up to the second floor if you are in a wheelchair or have difficulty climbing stairs.

Fur animals are prohibited in one in four apartments. However, we cannot guarantee that there have never been animals in some of the furniture in the interior.

There is no ear loop in the rooms.

The cafe

A normal wheelchair fits through the door from the patio, but a permobile is too wide. The same applies to the toilet in the basement. If the visitor needs access to a larger accessible toilet, there is one in the Hostel Yxnevallen, located approximately 150 meters from the cafe. The hostel can be reached by car and has a ramp.

We have lactose-free and gluten-free food options.

Parking for disabled

is located next to the cafe. A short gravel hill leads down to the café.